The Claremont Singers – Nov. Winners

I am writing about a small community (just three streets that cross each other) within the greater City of Berkeley. The people on these three streets have worked over the years to create a sense of connection with one another.

Recently, a young man living on one of these streets was given a fatal diagnosis. The neighbors knew about his love of music. He returned home to die. He had, at best, a week, at most two, to live. The neighbors organized all the musicians living on the three streets and compiled the man’s favorite playlist. Almost 40 neighbors went into his garden on two Sunday afternoons, and they sang his favorite songs to him. The young man danced with the parts of his body he could still move. At the end of the singing, he felt so energized. He told all the participants that their presence and music lifted his spirits. He was able to greet and meet each neighbor.

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