Ray Vivideth – Oct. Winner

Ray Vivideth winner

Early Riser for a Cause: Discover Ray’s dedication to helping the needy through his early morning missions.

Ray Vivideth is no stranger to 4:00 a.m. It’s the time he’s gotten up for most of his life. He does this in order to pick up food and sanitary items from a church food bank. He then distributes the day’s collection to the homeless and the poor. Often Ray will add a visit to the “shut-ins” he keeps an eye on. When needed, he will bring them meals that he has prepared himself or drive them to medical appointments.
Ray has worked hard all his life. He has held the same job as Claremont Club swimming pool maintenance custodian for decades, winning awards for customer service and job performance. As an evacuee from Laos so many years ago, Ray has made good on his promise to self: to make America his home and always help others, no matter what it takes.

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