Our Team

Chris Kindness Award is a volunteer organization led by a small, dedicated team. Our goal is to get our community focused on kindness by shining a light on the kind people all around us.   

Founder & President

Alan Ross

Professor Alan Ross is a long-time professor at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business where he teaches ethics, political science and law. In creating the Chris Kindness Award, Alan sought to honor one of the kindest people he’d ever known, the late Chris Walton by tapping into the positive energy he sees among his students and in his community. He has made a commitment to fund a $1000 award each month for kind acts in his community. Almost immediately after launching the Chris Kindness Award, Alan heard from people around the country interested in partnering with us in starting an award program in their community or volunteering with us. Alan is thrilled to help inspire more kindness, one community at a time.

Executive Director

Terri Chytrowski

Terri Chytrowski is a marketing and operations executive who left her 20-year career in the professional services sector to become a nonprofit consultant for social impact organizations. Like Alan, she greatly admired Chris Walton, for whom this award is named. Terri works with a team of Chris Kindness Award volunteers on everything from social media strategy to community outreach and strategic partnerships with other nonprofits.

Core Team Members

Rachel Gu

A UC Berkeley Senior, Rachel was our first volunteer. She helped get everything off the ground and continues to contribute to the effort, even as she heads to Harvard Law School

Shula Wu

A UC Berkeley junior, Shula has built and maintains many NGO websites, including ours. She plans to become a human rights lawyer.

Diksha Singh

A UC Berkeley exchange student, Diksha is our Project Manager. She devotes significant time to coordinating our volunteers' efforts and growing our kindness program.

Roberto Brognara

A social media consultant and university instructor, Roberto volunteers his time to our team, providing strategic advice on all things social media.