Nancy Schiff – April Winner

Mentorship That Lasts a Lifetime: Nancy’s commitment to youth development is truly remarkable.

Nominator said:  “Nancy has dedicated her life to helping generations of underserved youth through her 24 years leading the Center for Youth Development Through Law. Working with a demographic that typically sees 15-20% of youth graduate from high school, Nancy has led a program that has seen approximately 92% of its students go on to college. Nancy’s kindness goes far beyond her job duties. After students graduate from the program, Nancy continues to act as a mentor, supporter, and advisor as they face life’s challenges. As one program graduate states: “Outside the program, Nancy continues to remain committed to extending her hand to help. She has been a valuable resource to me as I’ve navigated through UCLA as a first gen student. She is  committed to community, mentorship, and passing the torch for diverse communities. As I prepare to graduate from UCLA and begin my law school application process, I am comforted.”  A former Board Chair noted: “The thing that sets her apart is that once you’ve joined the CYDL family, you are one of Nancy’s kids for life. Former students have come back to teach in the program, joined the board, and shown up to volunteer entirely because of the personal relationship they have with Nancy.”

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