Egbert Villegas, April Winner

Nominator said “Egbert offered to drive me to and from my doctor’s appointment last week. On our drive back to Berkeley, we saw a truck that had flipped over in the middle of the freeway. While others simply drove by the scene and passed the flipped over truck, Egbert sprung into action. He quickly pulled over in a safe place and ran to the truck to help the person who had crashed and was still in the driver’s seat of the flipped over truck. People had no idea how to help the man get out of the car, Egbert suggested for the driver to recline his seat to be able to climb out of the car, a method which worked. He didn’t speak English, only Spanish. Fortunately, Egbert’s first language is Spanish and (since he’s studying medicine) he knew exactly which questions to ask the man in order to make sure he was okay before the medics arrived. Once medics arrived, Egbert translated the information that the man had given him about what had happened and his current condition to the paramedics. Only once he knew the man would be okay was when Egbert left. Egbert is a Mexican immigrant and first-generation student studying Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley with the hopes of attending medical school to become a cardiologist. He’s been working since seventh grade to pay for his own tuition and help his family. Egbert’s care for others helped the man whose car had flipped over that day, and he springs to action to help others any chance he gets.”

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