February Winner – Ms. Alice Tolbert

Miss Alice: A Beacon of Love and Safety for 19 Years.


Our friend, Miss Alice, has been helping us and our kids cross the street to get to school every morning and afternoon, rain or shine, for 19 years! At the end of 2023, she is finally retiring. Not because she has a pension or 401(k) waiting for her, but because her knee hurts like hell and she needs time to care for herself, after all these years of caring for us.
Miss Alice has held back the traffic on Rose Street for us, and she’s done it with presence and flair so our kids and families can cross safely. And that’s just the beginning—she teaches all of us, everyday, how to show up for ourselves and each other. There is nothing quite so warming as watching a kiddo beam up at Ms. Alice when she asks, “How you doin’ baby?” And if you’ve walked or driven by her even a handful of times, you’ve been graced by her beaming smile and wave and you know her answer when you ask her how she’s doing: “I’m goooood!”
The Ruth Acty community has been graced by her joyous energy, her wisdom, and her stories from decades spent as a caregiver to the elderly in Berkeley. There are literally hundreds of Berkeley parents and caregivers and teachers and kids who know and adore Miss Alice, and who benefit literally every day from her spirit, smile, energy and protection.


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