Farhat Noorzad – Dec. 2023 Winner

Farhat: A Pillar of Support and Unity in Berkeley’s Multilingual Community, Sharing her Rich Perspective.

Farhat is a 16-year-old student who immigrated to Berkeley from Afghanistan last April. She is part of the Multilingual Program (MLP) community at BHS. Since arriving in America less than a year ago, she has become a peer mentor and major support to her peers, many of whom are refugees fleeing from violence and persecution. Farhat makes everyone around her feel comfortable. She is talented at learning languages and speaks five languages; she prioritizes using these skills to help others. Farhat translates for other students in the school learning English and has brought different linguistic communities together, for example, our Spanish-speaking students and our Farsi/Dari-speaking students. She is empathetic and understanding. Despite her own challenges in life, she makes it her priority to counsel other new students going through a tough time in their transition to the United States. Farhat is truly selfless and wise beyond her years. She takes her education extremely seriously, and this award would give her life-changing support in furthering her education after high school in America.

In the News: Berkeleyside and KCBS Radio


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