Chris Little – August Winner

Nominator said: “Is it possible that kindness is simply a way of BEING? You will be convinced that it is possible when you meet my friend Chris. A native of Berkeley, Chris can be seen around town doing what he does best, being KIND. You may spot him at a cafe, church, helping a friend with groceries, driving someone to an appointment, helping someone walk after surgery, playing hacky sack with local kids, surprising a little child with some dollar bills for her birthday, praying for someone, sending encouraging texts to brighten someone’s day, and listening to what’s on your heart. According to Chris, “It is easy to make someone’s day, often with very little or no effort.” He often thinks he “was put somewhere at a specific moment to help someone.” We need more of this type of kindness that reaches far beneath the surface, into your soul. I can’t think of a better recipient for this award than Chris. “

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