Collin Doran – May Winner

Feeding Hope: Collin’s story of providing free breakfasts to those in need will inspire you.

Nominator said: Collin Doran, owner of the Homemade Cafe, gives free breakfast meals to anyone who needs them, no questions asked. He has been doing this for years. During the pandemic, so many people in Berkeley were experiencing food insecurity. Collin stepped up to help, feeding anyone who needs to eat breakfast but can´t pay for it. Collin has been doing this on his own initiative and covering these meals largely out of his own pocket. He has also inspired cafe patrons to donate $5 if they feel so inclined, following in his footsteps. Collin’s recurring kind actions are a wonderful example that all restaurants should replicate. Collin makes hungry Berkeley residents full and those witnessing his kindness are filled with hope that people are fundamentally decent.”

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