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Kat Ben-Bateson – Sept Runner-up

Nominator said: “I nominate Kat Ben-Bateson, Zumba Instructor at the Berkeley Adult School (BAS). Kat’s students (and my classmates) include energetic superb dancers, novices, a lady who uses a wheelchair, a young man with Down Syndrome, assorted 7-Ups (i.e. those of us in our 70s), etc. Despite the varying levels and abilities of her students, she never fails to take care of everyone’s needs and add a personal touch. When I was absent for one class, she sent me an email the next day to make sure I was ok. When I was unable to take one of her class series as I had to take care of my father, on my return, she asked how my father was doing. Her commitment to Zumba is a commitment to spreading joy in the community. For 10 years, she’s been holding free classes in the park during the summer when the adult school is closed. During the COVID lockdown, she worked with BAS to provide classes on Zoom. She does all this even though Zumba instruction is something she does on top of her corporate job and caring for her 6-year old. Kat’s kindness is her commitment to others’ well-being. The world needs more kindness. The world needs more Kats.”