Collin Doran – May Winner

Nominator said: Collin Doran, owner of the Homemade Cafe, gives free breakfast meals to anyone who needs them, no questions asked. He has been doing this for years. During the pandemic, so many people in Berkeley were experiencing food insecurity.…

Nancy Schiff – April Winner

Nominator said:  “Nancy has dedicated her life to helping generations of underserved youth through her 24 years leading the Center for Youth Development Through Law. Working with a demographic that typically sees 15-20% of youth graduate from high school, Nancy…

Carmen Garcia – Feb Winner

NOMINATION: “Carmen Garcia is the friendly face behind the plexiglass at the Mobil station on University. She works the day shift, M-F. She was there throughout the pandemic, including those first few months when most of us rarely stepped outside and enjoyed the luxury of home delivery. When I relocated to Berkeley, I was coming off a traumatic year of loss. I was starting my life over, alone. On my way to work, I would stop by the Mobil station to grab a drink. But, boy did I I get so much more. Carmen somehow saw right through me, and her empathy made me feel welcome and safe. Her kindness breaks through the plexiglass as she makes every customer feel like a friend. Her warm hug is so welcome when I feel down, and her easy laugh can start my day off on the right foot. We have shared a holiday meal together, and I was honored to assist her daughter with some edits to her college essay. I had always assumed that I was Carmen’s “favorite” customer. But, I now know I am only one of many. Nearly everyone who stops by the Mobil station on University Avenue benefits from Carmen’s incredible kindness. Why would we go anywhere else for gas?!